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IMI Füllinsdorf

IMI Hydronic Engineering develops HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) solutions. Among other things, for the control of thermostatic systems.

IMI is planning to install a new thermoforming tool and needs a foundation that can withstand the load.

Over the last few weeks we were able to build two foundations for them. First we had to break up the existing soil (tarmac) and dispose of it. Then some excavation to reach the required depth for the new foundation. Next, the formwork was created. The formwork is, simply put, a basin into which liquid concrete is poured. Sounds simple, but it has to be accurately measured and absolutely watertight.

Once it was set up, the reinforcement grid could be installed and fixed in the basin. The iron in the concrete further strengthens the foundation. The pool was then filled with liquid concrete and vibrated. The vibrations ensure that the concrete is evenly distributed everywhere. After that, we had to wait and let the concrete harden.

Finally, we adjusted the tarmac floor around the foundation and left the barrier in place until the concrete had hardened enough for the heavy machinery to be installed.

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