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Heat Pump

Updated: May 9, 2022

More and more homeowners are investing in renewable energies to supply their homes with energy in a cost-effective, but also environmentally friendly way. One of these systems is the heat pump. A device that uses energy from the earth, air, sun or water (depending on the type) to generate heat.

Since the installation site for these devices is usually outside the house, an underground connection must be made from the boiler room to the heat pump. Unfortunately, digging around the house is unavoidable for this.

However, with our trenchless system we can keep it to a minimum. Recently, we helped with the installation of a new heat pump. We built the foundation for the unit, drilled the core holes in the boiler room and laid the connection pipes in the trench. To avoid damaging the beautiful seating area, we laid part of it trenchless and the rest conventionally. After the heat pump was installed, we returned the garden to its original form.

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