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Horizontal Drilling in Hersberg

In the beautiful municipality of Hersberg - in the canton of Baselland - we were recently able to help a customer with his problem. The challenge was to lay a clean water connection from the sludge collector in the garden to the main pipe in the street. Without destroying the beautiful gardens of the neighbours, we wanted to lay a pipe between the houses, under the walls. A task perfectly suited for our horizontal directional drilling rig.

We were able to effortlessly drill the special pilot bore hole (with a 2% gradient) from the street to the garden and pull in 60 metres of pipe, simultaneously as the rods. In the end, only the connections to the shafts and the maintenance work in the garden and the road had to be carried out.

Many thanks to the municipality of Hersberg, Ernefant AG and all the residents who showed a lot of patience and understanding for the construction work.

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